It is with great pleasure that Reader’s Digest presents the Quality Service Awards. We believe companies that deliver outstanding customer service should be recognised and rewarded in Australia.

Our Winners Showcase highlights which companies have gone above and beyond their customer’s expectation.

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Have you ever wanted to voice your opinion about a company that gave you great service?
We have.

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Brand Showcase


Category: Tyre Retalier

Award level: Gold Winner

Category: Cruise Operator

Award level: Gold Winner

Category: Superannuation

Award level: Silver Winner

Category: Optometrist

Award level: Gold Winner

Category: Electrical Appliance Stores

Award level: Gold Winner

Category: Accounting & Tax

Award level: Gold Winner

Category: Airlines

Award level: Gold Winner

Category: Car Rentals

Award level: Gold Winner

Category: Hearing Services

Award level: Gold Winner

Category: Roadside Assistance

Award level: State Gold Winner (SA)



How Our Quality Service Survey Was Conducted

  • Market Research

    We commissioned a highly recognised independent market research agency, Catalyst, to survey a representative sample of 1,500 Australian adults. Respondents were asked to nominate a service provider in up to 42 categories. To qualify to vote on a category, they must have used a service provider from that industry.

  • Consumers Voting

    Survey respondents were asked to rank their experience on the listed companies according to these questions:

    • "Personalisation: Was an individual customer experience provided?."
    • "Understanding: Was a genuine insight into the customer's needs demonstrated?."
    • "Simplicity: Was dealing with the company quick and easy?"
    • "Satisfaction: Was the customer's expectation met and, even better, exceeded?"
  • Rating

    The highest rated companies were judged the Gold Standard Winner, with the next closest company awarded the Silver Standard Winner.

  • 2018 results

    We are confident that the results of this annual poll are the truly accurate measurement of Australian consumer sentiment in 2018. Great brands have wonderful success stories.