LUMO ENERGY is an Australian energy retailer wholly owned by Snowy Hydro. Lumo provides competitive energy pricing and treats customer enquiries with the utmost of importance.

Quality training and ongoing coaching enables Lumo team members to provide clear and easy-to-follow interactions with customers. Lumo ensures its staff are always available for customers when they are needed and offers email, website Live Chat and phone support to resolve customer enquiries in a timely and respectful manner.

Lumo runs an annual awards programme with a Gala awards evening to encourage excellent service among all staff. There is also a Luminosity Programme enabling staff to nominate their peers or team members for Luminosity Points when they see great performance. This fosters a sense of pride in offering great service among Lumo employees and ensures an engaged and loyal workforce.

Recent examples of great service include staff proactively following up with energy distributers to ensure customer requests are actioned on time. Lumo also offers assistance with payment plans customers who are financially stretched, and ensures that customers who may benefit from these plans are made aware of them.

Based on Lumo’s net promoter score, a widely used measure of customer loyalty, Lumo customers remain among the most satisfied in the industry.

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