budget australia

WINNING THE READER'S DIGEST QUALITY SERVICE AWARD proves Budget Australia’s engaged, passionate and dedicated team display a great work ethic with extensive knowledge of their business. With more than 190 locations, 60 of which are located at airport terminals around Australia, Budget serves thousands of customers every year.

Founded in 1965 by Bob Ansett under the value proposition ‘Drive Your Dollar Further’, Budget’s reputation has been built by providing outstanding value, quality and award-winning service for over 50 years. They understand customers’ needs from survey results and constantly adapt to remain a market leading rental operator. Budget's Fastbreak programme has also helped customers build a relationship with this trusted and dependable brand. The range of vehicles is under constant review to ensure customers will be driving some of the latest models at competitive prices. In 2017, Budget plans to become even more trusted, transparent and efficient as a good value car rental service.

To keep employees engaged and enthusiastic, Budget offers reward and recognition programmes to say thank you for making significant contributions in the area of customer service at both an internal and external level. The high participation rates are evidence of the enthusiastic response from employees to these programmes.

Visit www.budget.com.au for more information.