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WITH ITS ‘WE TRY HARDER’ PHILOSOPHY, Avis Australia strives to provide superior service and to ensure a stress-free car rental experience. Beginning operation in Australia in 1955, it currently has 230 locations across the nation. It operates a ‘customer-led, service-driven’ organisation that ensures that team members view all aspects of the customer experience through the eyes of the customer. Avis constantly evaluates and enhances processes that help drive customer satisfaction, including reservations, face-to-face customer interactions, technology and innovation, written communications, billing, claims and employee training.

Avis delivers a level of service that consistently meets or exceeds the specific needs, wants and preferences of their customers, which builds unmatched loyalty. It has a ‘Voice of the Customer’ programme that ensures customers are provided with the opportunity to give feedback on their rental experience immediately after returning their vehicle. This is reviewed by location managers to ensure any issues are dealt with quickly and effectively.

Avis also has reward and recognition programmes to acknowledge staff who make significant contributions in the area of customer service at both an internal and external level, which drives superior results.

The teamwork, incentives and programmes that Avis has put in place help it convey the ‘We Try Harder’ ethos with knowledge, enthusiasm and a passion for excellence.

Visit www.avis.com.au for more information.