TOYOTA HAS A RICH HISTORY IN AUSTRALIA, dating back to the 1950s, with a proud legacy of nearly 60 years of manufacturing. Today Toyota Australia continues to set the bar high for sales and servicing standards, with its Guest First philosophy ensuring that everything consistently meets and exceeds every guest’s expectations.

In 2019 Toyota has a range of initiatives designed to further improve guest service. The myToyota app gives owners easy access to essential information and services that relate to their vehicle, as well as personalised messaging. Toyota also aims to enhance the online experience through expanded service booking and service price calculations, while real-time feedback enabling the brand to get a better understanding of its guests and improve guest satisfaction.

When recruiting its customer service advisors, and as part of its guest-centric culture, Toyota looks for a positive and engaging attitude, a desire to help and creative problem solving. Based on the principle of ‘fix it right first time’, the intention is to give guests the reliability, confidence and trust they deserve. Toyota’s globally respected learning centre immersion programmes for employees teach Guest First and Quality First principles, emphasising the importance of transparent and direct interactions at the one-on-one level.

Employees are recognised and rewarded for skills and knowledge, thus providing the best possible outcome for guests right through their ownership experience.

With over 2 million guests using Toyota’s services each year, all with different needs and preferences, it is critical to create an exceptional personalised experience – building trust, loyalty and advocacy. In other words, create Toyota fans for life.