REST Industry Super was established in 1988 and has around two million members*, and as a profit-to-member fund, it puts members first.

Looking for new and better ways to connect and empower the many younger members, REST provides service to these members via Facebook and Instagram, and also through its Virtual Agent, Roger.

The vision for REST is to be the Fund for Life for members, and it will continue to connect and empower members to help them thrive for the rest of their lives. It will be expanding the digital footprint, to help even more members stay connected.

By listening to members, via surveys on day-to-day experience, and seeking deeper insights on what it means to be a member, REST knows its members look for ease in doing business and want to feel as though they are being looked after.

The Customer Care principles, unique to REST, are Personalised, Understanding, Growth, Resolution, Relationships and Polite & Respectful. REST recognises team members who REST Industry Super demonstrate these and measures service based on these principles.

Members are always placed front of mind when REST thinks about how to provide customer service, listening to its members more than ever, and so helping it to continue improving.

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*Current as at June 2017.