Real Insurance

SINCE ENTERING THE AUSTRALIAN MARKET IN 2005, Real Insurance has strived to deliver innovative insurance products that protect and enhance the lives of everyday Australians. It commenced with a core purpose to help protect the quality of people’s lives – and that promise has been upheld, with thousands of Australians enjoying a range of products that offer real value.

Real Insurance prides itself on providing the best service and value for its customers with insurance solutions that are simple and easy to understand, with flexible options that enable customers to best match their cover to their lifestyle and needs.

Real Insurance understands that customers expect a high level of customer service and this is one of the main reasons Real Insurance has dedicated customer support specialists who speak clearly and take time to explain. Their recently redesigned recruitment process helps identify personality traits such as empathy, compassion and customer advocacy.

Real Insurance continues to provide its people with the highest quality training and support to ensure they deliver the best possible customer experience. This is measured internally via Quality Assurance and, more importantly, Real Insurance's Voice of the Customer framework – which is being expanding next year along with other systems to increase customer options.

Real Insurance is continually looking for improvements to its processes and procedures to make the customer experience as seamless and positive as possible, with a strong focus on supporting customers at their time of need.