Princess Cruises

WITH 1.7 MILLION GUESTS each year travelling to over 350 destinations worldwide, Princess Cruises® is the third largest cruise line in the world. Being renowned for innovation, Princess has an array of onboard offerings and provides exceptional customer service. Its crew are committed to ensuring guests ‘Come Back New®’ from their cruise, time and time again.

Ocean Medallion™ is a new technology Princess are rolling out on selected ships that amplifies a guest’s experience with personalised service that anticipates their needs, wants and desires. The crew answer guests’ requests before they have even been asked. This more-than-elevated personalised service helps create unforgettable moments.

Making sure every guest feels welcome from the very first moment creates a strong start to build trust and excitement for the longlasting relationships so many guests have with Princess Cruises®.

When recruiting shoreside staff, Princess Cruises® focus on onboarding people who are passionate about its product and travel, ensuring they deliver the joy of cruising.

As Princess Cruises® is a premium product, crew are trained at the same level and are given ongoing support. They understand the expectations of customer needs and pride themselves on exceeding these expectations.

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