Princess Cruises

LEAVING GUESTS with a lasting impression that stays with them long after they have returned home is the Princess Cruises® experience. As the third largest cruise line in the world, Princess Cruises® is renowned for its innovations, onboard offerings and exceptional customer service. All guests need to do is sit back and immerse themselves in the destinations to experience unexpected moments and 'Come Back New®'. And with over 380 destinations to choose from, it’s no wonder Princess Cruises® takes more than 1.7 million guests each year to the world’s most exotic ports.

It takes less than a tenth of a second to form a first impression, which is why Princess Cruises® staff go the extra distance to ensure guests feel welcome and right at home from the moment they step aboard. In every role, the staff are Consummate Hosts, creating a strong start that builds trust and excitement for long-lasting relationships.

Princess Cruises® is a premium product, therefore recruiting staff who are caring and passionate about travelling and the joy of cruising – and have a natural ability to go above and beyond – is of utmost importance. Princess Cruises® invests a lot of time training and supporting employees, who pride themselves on exceeding guest expectations.

The company values exceptional customer service as a massive part of everything it does. It listens to guests' feedback, and responds by evaluating and enhancing its processes, so it’s hardly surprising Princess Cruises® was voted Best Ocean Cruise Line Overall by Cruise Passenger for three consecutive years.