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Category: Car Insurance
Award level: Winner

APIA IS THE SPECIALIST INSURER for people over 50. Apia recognises that over 50s have years of valuable experience and rewards its customers with competitive premiums and a range of quality insurance products.

Because Apia has taken the time to understand its customers’ needs, it has been able to introduce a range of products and services, including a new roadside assistance package and their Drive Less Pay Less car insurance – all designed to meet the needs of over 50s.

Knowing that many over 50s are increasingly tech-savvy these days, Apia has also launched a Facebook page and an informative online hub called the Apia Good Life, providing yet another forum through which customers and over 50s in general can source information, read interesting articles and access the Apia customer service team. There’s also an online community,where customers can provide valuable feedback on the company’s products and services.

And if you need to make a claim, Apia staff are trained to ensure the process is as stress-free as possible.

Features like these are what make Apia’s 750,000 customers feel in touch and informed, which has resulted in Apia being voted Australia’s most recommended home and car insurance brand.

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